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Thunder vs. KISS tonight! Ways to keep up: 1. Go to our watch party at The Fields Bar & Grill in the Pearl District and watch with some Thunder players 2. Listen live on 750 AM 3. Watch live on ESPN3 4. Follow us on Twitter! @PDXThunder


Meet Eric Crocker, former San Antonio Talon and New York Jet, as well as the first draft pick in the 2013 Expansion Draft.

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Welcome new center John Collins to the AFL! He’s a guy who epitomizes the love guys have for football - even with a Harvard degree, he’d rather be out on the gridiron than in an office! Check out his story!



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The Portland Thunder will be at the rally tonight in the Rose Quarter in support of the Blazers in their first-round series against the Houston Rockets. We’ll have a passing competition, players to sign autographs, and merchandise available for fans! Go Blazers!